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When I was a teenager, I wrote in my diary almost every day. I used it to vent about all of the common teenage themes – boys, school, my mother, parties – all of the things. As I got older, my journaling slowed until it finally stopped completely. In retrospect  I started to feel as if my written whining was becoming repetitive and gave up journal writing completely. It wasn’t until I started regularly seeing a therapist that she convinced me to return to my old habit. She urged me to write again for so many beneficial reasons. These are the top 4 reasons I learned that keeping a journal is so beneficial.

Self-Care (Personal Time)

Incorporating daily routines are a great way to enhance the quality of your lives. Regular journaling allows purging of thoughts, feelings, goals, and whatever else may be cluttering your brain. With so much going on in our individual lives and in the world, you may find that foregoing use of electronic devices to dedicate writing down your thoughts may reduce stress and tension. No, it won’t solve world problems, but it will help get the mess out of your brain and onto the paper.

Lay off the Blue Light

Many of our days are spent staring into computer or phone screens. The blue light emitted from the screens can be harmful to eye muscles. The unnatural light over time can cause issues such as: headaches, neck and/or shoulder pain, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light, among other things. In addition, the blue light inhibits melatonin production, thus staring at the artificial sunlight after sunset may lead to insomnia. Reduce eye strain and sleepless ness by trading the screen and keyboard for a pen (or pencil!) and paper.

Freedom of Expression

You’ll notice that the pages of artsistudios’  journals are typically blank. This is because I like to allow space on the page for full expression, meaning you aren’t limited to just writing words. Self-expression or daily purging may include sketching, writing sideways, creating tables or whatever else your creative mind desires. One  great way to customize your journal and be as creative as possible is to use washi tape as page and/or table borders.

Look Back on Your History

In the future, you may want to pick up an old journal and read your thoughts. Sure you may keep files in the computer, but nothing beats being able to return to your old book and note how your life has changed, your handwriting has evolved. Sometimes it helps to reflect on your previous mindset to see how much you have learned. And if you ever want to write your memoir or autobiography, the notes are in your diary!

What Are Some Reasons You Keep a Journal/Diary? Let us know in the Comments, below! 🙂

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