I always need something to listen to while I making my books or beauty products. Music is always nice, but lately, I have been highly entertained by podcasts. Here is my well-rounded list of favs, in no particular order.

  • My Favorite Murder – The way Karen and Georgia tell True Crime stories is actually ridiculous, which is why I love it. It’s pretty much two girls telling “girl, guess what the fuck happened” style murder stories.
  • BabyBoys Podcast – A podcast gem. I found this one randomly searching Sound Cloud and my life was changed forever. BB1 and BB2 should know that we are best friends.
  • Gettin Grown – For the 30+ women trying to find their stride in this crazy world.
  • Plz Advise – Something about Molls’ voice is soothing. It’s also fun listening to her and her friends give half-assed, half-serious advice to people. I am amazed that people honestly call and write into podcasts for advice but I am here for the entertainment. Thanks, Molls!
  • On The Media – Brooke Gladstone can talk to me all day about questionable media practices. On the Media is an informative podcast that helps me sharpen my critical thinking skills and properly side-eye mainstream media.
  • Pod Save America – because the news lately is full of WTF moments.
  • The Joe Budden Podcast – formerly known as I’ll Name This Podcast Later. My favorite hip-hop podcast, period. Barbershop talk.
  • The Fall of Rome – This dude does a full deep dive into what caused the fall of the Roman Empire. For History Heads.
  • Radiolab – classic storytelling
  • Mother May I Sleep With Podcast– Lifetime movie deep dives by Molly McAleer. Can’t get enough!
  • Bodega Boys – A mess of a podcast but the brand is strong. I’ve been following Desus and Mero for many years on Twitter and watched them evolve into a podcast and a  ViceLand TV show. Get into the ART.

I’m a podcast junkie so it’s safe to say, this is a living blog post and will be updated regularly. We should all know where the new hot podcasts are, right? Which podcasts do you love? Let me know in the comments!

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