I opened my Etsy shop in April of 2016. I wish I had taken screen shots of how sad my store looked. I had poor quality listings, no shop description…just so many errors, but it was open. I perfected the look and other attributes and eventually I got my first cha-ching! notification. It really is a great feeling. Here are some helpful things I’ve learned in my slow journey on Etsy.

Keep Perfecting Those Tags and Titles!

You are allotted 13 tag descriptors for each listing; make sure you use all thirteen and adjust regularly. Go into your shop on a periodic basis and change tags to reflect upcoming holidays or special occasions. It is just one of the ways to get on search pages. And stay away from one word tags. They are pretty much useless. Avoid misspelled words, have someone in the forums help with spell check. 2-3 word phrases.

Add a personal touch to your orders

When you do start selling, don’t just throw a business card, consider sending a personal thank you note. My customers can always expect a signed thank you card plus a coupon code for their next purchase. This is a good way to make a lasting impression and also convince return customers.

Get Yourself a Digital Scale

If you can weigh your items, it’s easier to calculate shipping costs. Etsy integrates with USPS to calculate shipping rates based on size and measurements. You don’t want shake up your customer experience by overcharging for shipping and you certainly don’t want to undercharge for shipping and end up paying for it from your profit. A good quality [amazon_textlink asin=’B00UY1ZWXU’ text=’scale ‘ template=’ProductLink’ store=’artsistudios0-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’67ad9ee9-2847-11e7-88b7-15ddec63a893′] can run under $20 and can turn out to be a great investment.

Be Clear in Your Descriptions

Give as much information possible regarding the product. Speaking for my line of notebooks, I always make sure the measurements are clear and the materials are listed, processing time, and any additional notes regarding custom orders, shipping costs, international and domestic taxes, etc. Do your best to give your customers as much helpful information. It shows that you care about your product and you want your customer to make an informed purchase, especially since they are not able to handle the physical product before they order.

Quality Photos Only

Step your photo and editing game up! Take pictures from all angles. I think it helps to use all 5 image slots if possible. If the item is made to order, your prototype image needs to be your best work and give the buyer a clear image of what they will receive. Consider investing in a photo tent and lights depending on the size of your products. Use a variety of camera angles. Also, if you have more photos than available slots, use a multi-layout photo grid for one image.

Hang Out in the Forums

This is your community. The Etsy forums are full of fun and helpful information. It’s also a great way to network with other sellers and find really cool shops. It can be super helpful when Etsy makes changes