Journal Prompts for Adult Students

Seven prompts to keep you motivated along your journey as a student.

What inspired you to go back to school? Was it financially motivated, for personal development, or all that and then some?

Fill in the blank: Completing my degree will add_____________ to my life? (List as many things you can come up with and expand on each thought).

What are some unintentional lessons you learned while being an adult student?

Talk about a class subject that you enjoyed and wished you could spend more time learning about? What made this topic enjoyable for you?

If you could create a system to improve adult education programs, how would you develop it? What would it take to design a program that made you and other adults excited about returning to school. Be detailed.

Write a letter to the professor that stood out in a good way during your education journey. Tell them why their class was special to you and what you learned that will stick with you.

Think about the things that make you feel discouraged. What steps can you take to change that?

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