Journal Prompts for Travelers

Stimulate your writer’s urge with these travel journal prompts.

1. How do the local people dress in the place you’re visiting compared to  the styles at home? Add another place for comparison to broaden your  description

2. What are the common religious beliefs and/or practices you observed?

3. Did you connect with a random stranger at an unexpected time?  Tell the story of what it was like.

4. Describe a personally enjoyable moment from your trip. Why was it so  special?

5. Take some time to people watch. Write down what you see  and conversations you overhear.

6. Talk about something you did during the trip that was outside of  your comfort zone.

7. Do a cultural comparison. What are some basic differences between here and home? What are some drastic differences?

8. Did you see any memorable landmarks? Talk about that experience;  what made it special/interesting/intriguing?

9. Describe your favorite place or activity. Why did you choose it?

10. What are some stereotypes about the people who live where you’re  visiting? Do you think there’s any truth or are the stereotypes incorrect?

11. Did you meet any interesting people? What did you talk about with  them? What made them interesting to you?

12. Discuss something that intrigued you about the place you are visiting.

13. Think about what life might be like if you lived here. How would your  routines change? What social differences would you have to adjust to?

14. Describe an unusual experience or event that took place during  your trip.

15. Did you do any physical activities? Are activities necessary for a fulfilling vacation? Are you adventurous by nature or only when traveling?

16. Talk about the food options. What items did you notice were repeated  across menus? Was the food really good, really bad, or nothing special?

17. Was the place everything you expected? Was the destination lacking in any areas?

18. Describe the television programming or other prominent media. How does it differ from programs/media at home? What were some  shows or commercials that you found interesting?

19. Finish this sentence: “I had no idea the people here were______”.  What made you think otherwise?

20. What physical attributes do the locals have that are different from the  people from home?

21. What are some major lessons you learned during this trip?

22. Do you think you will come back to visit? Why or why not?

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