Creative Journey: What am I Doing Here?


My goal is to do more creative writing on a regular basis. I work a traditional corporate gig writing really boring technical documents. There’s nothing sexy or creative about it but it’s honest work and I am cool with it. Over the last year I had this nagging desire to stimulate my creativity again after so many years of process writing along with trying to finish my bachelor’s degree. My first thought was to try making jewelry or painting, but neither really sparked any excitement in me. I remember the idea to make journals coming from a random stroll through Hobby Lobby. I am one of those people that loves stationary and office supplies and eye-catching notebooks. Buy me a beautiful journal and I’ll love you forever. I already have too many, some full and some barely touched but every journal matters #journalingmatters. So I was like, “Yes! I will start makin’ books!” From there I took a stroll down a YouTube rabbit hole of book binding tutorials. I practiced every method with a variety of media materials. It was fun, relaxing, and colorful. The Traveler’s Notebook really caught my eye and over a few weeks/months I perfected my method and was ready to open my Etsy shop. In the beginning my shop was sad and lonely, the pictures were poor quality and my descriptions needed work. I had a lot to learn, but eventually I stepped it up. Traveler’s Notebooks and Inserts were fun to make and apparently a hot niche item. Eventually, I made a few sales and fell in love with my new venture So, everything’s good, right?

To Be Continued…